What is Pelvic mesh?

Pelvic mesh is just another name for transvaginal mesh implants. Since the vagina (or any reproductive organ) lies in the pelvic region, the vaginal mesh implant is also known as a pelvic mesh. So, what exactly is a pelvic mesh? This is a mesh that is inserted into the vagina to cure either of the two problems that many women suffer from: urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. In the former problem, women find it hard to urinate. This may be because of a poor diet or there may be something wrong with her urinary tract. The pelvic mesh was known to cure this problem. The latter problem is one where some of a woman’s organs may slip into her vagina. The vaginal mesh is supposed to help hold these in place to prevent them from getting into the vagina.

Pelvic meshes were used in the 1950s in order to cure abdominal hernias and as it was felt that these were successful in achieving their purpose, the meshes were also gradually used in women to cure them of the issues mentioned above. There are different types of pelvic meshes though all of them are synthetic- some of these are absorbable while the others are not. The thing about these meshes is that they are not natural and if something unnatural is inserted into the pelvic region it could lead to certain complications which could actually threaten your life over a period of time. Many women have had to live with so many irreversible issues because of these complications. While some effects are irreversible, there are those that can only be reversed after a series of surgeries and not many people can afford these because of which they file lawsuits against their doctors.

Unfortunately, the use of transvaginal mesh implants was approved by the FDA, without any clinical data, and many women began suffering from a list of problems which were even worse than pelvic organ relapse of urinary incontinence as result. Vaginal bleeding, urinary incontinence, bowel problems, vaginal scarring and other such issues were quite common in women who had undergone transvaginal mesh implants. Today, a large number of women who (can afford to and) resorted to the use of mesh implants are now filing lawsuits against their doctors for not informing them of the consequences of using vaginal mesh implants. Those who cannot afford these have had to suffer quite a lot and have died because of the use of such implants.

Side effects of pelvic meshes include mesh erosion, mesh infection, excruciating pain during sexual activities, injury to organs surrounding the mesh, pelvic organ relapse, urinary incontinence and a list of other such issues. The mesh itself is a problem because it could affect you in so many ways. Now, the pelvic mesh is notorious and it would be best for anyone to stay away from vaginal mesh implants. You could go for surgery to get the problem fixed- pelvic meshes would just make things worse for you.